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Store other people's vehicles and belongings on your property.


Neighbor is the platform where you can list your property and rent in Fargo, ND. You can rent wherever you want as a Neighbor host. Size doesn’t matter. What kind of spots can you rent on the platform? There is the list: Garage, Driveway, Parking lot, Basement, Bedroom, Shed, Warehouse, Carport, Self-storage unit, Closet, Attic, Street parking, Shipping container, Unpaved lot, and more…

Job description / Neighbor / Fargo, ND

What you need to do is very simple! First of all, you enter the platform and create a host (renter) profile. It’s completely free. Secondly, share all the data requested from you in a complete and error-free manner while listing your property. Moreover, don’t forget to upload the photos and videos of the spot(s) you listed in high resolution. If you respond quickly and honestly to the tenants who want to rent your spot, the probability and chance of your spot being rented will increase. The most significant advantage of the Neighbor platform is that you don’t need to hassle with any paperwork. Their T&C covers you, and no other contract is not required. Last but not least, the Neighbor platform offers Property Protection Plan for the host (renter) who wants to protect their items and property in Fargo, ND.

neighbor host renter jobs in Fargo, ND

Responsibilities / Neighbor / Fargo, ND

How to become a Neighbor host, and what are the responsibilities?

  • Register as host in the platform
  • List your property
  • Meet and greet the tenant candidates when they arrive for their reservation
  • Show around the property and answer any questions.
  • Be available (and reachable) for anything that might arise during the rental period.

Requirements / Neighbor / Fargo, ND

  • Holding valid US citizenship, In other words, valid residency in Fargo, ND,
  • Providing a valid address,
  • Bank account,
  • Receiving payments only through the Neighbor platform.

Above all, you must read and accept the Neighbor T&C before creating a host account.

Wages & Salary / Neighbor / Fargo, ND

The income you will earn on the Neighbor platform will vary to rental type, location in Fargo, ND, and price. If you look at the already listed properties; the average monthly income would be $50-$500 if you are renting a garage, $20-$150 if you are renting a spot on the roadside in front of your house, $40-$300 a month if you are renting a shed. Nevertheless, you can earn more, of course. As we mentioned above, these incomes will vary depending on the number of properties you will rent and the location in Fargo, ND.

Working Hours / Neighbor Host / Fargo, ND 

Lastly, there is no such thing as working hours on the Neighbor platform! You can work when you want, how you want. Let us share a tip: Be sure to reply very quickly to the messages you receive through the platform. This will both improve your response time statistics on the platform and increase your customer satisfaction and the possibility of renting your properties. Moreover, a tenant who has rented your place should definitely be able to reach you. You need to remember that their assets are stored in your space. That’s pretty much all!

  • Estimated Income
    • $100-$500 per month
  • Gender
    • Female
    • Male
  • Essentials
    • Apartment
    • House
    • Flat
    • Parking Space
    • Workpermit in the U.S.
    • Clean criminal record
    • Smartphone
    • Bank account
    • Valid address
    • Valid phone number
  • Industry
    • Host / Renting
  • Experience
    • -
  • Qualification
    • -