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In, caregivers provide care and companionship for children, seniors, and pets in their neighborhood.

Introduction is the marketplace for both families and caregiver(s). What does it mean? connects families with caretakers and caretakers with jobs so people can leave home for work in Oakland, CA. In the marketplace, caregivers provide care and companionship for children, seniors, and pets in Oakland, CA

Job description / / Oakland, CA

Caregiving services are in demand, and we’re looking for caregivers to provide assistance to our members who need help with their daily activities in Oakland, CA. You will be matched with a family and work on an as-needed basis, which may involve a few hours of care or a few days of care each week. You’ll be an integral part of the family, supporting the family and the person in need. The caregiver is vital. They are responsible for providing care and assistance to their clients within their scope of practice. The job includes assisting with daily living activities such as feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. For elderly care jobs: caregivers may also provide emotional support help with mobility and exercise.

caregiver jobs in Oakland, CA

But, how can you start working as a caregiver at First of all, you have to create an account. While you are creating an account, please be sure all the information is correctly filled in. As you will see during registration, offers you many different job opportunities in Oakland, CA as follows:

After registration, you need to edit your profile. The better profile you create, the higher your chances of getting a job. Also, make sure your CV is up to date. has some great blog posts showing how to make a great caregiver CV. Also, the certificates and pieces of training you have will be very helpful in getting you a job. If you have received any training on caregiving, be sure to write it on your CV and profile. It is important to remember that these are entirely optional things, but they can be important criteria for those who want to receive service from you.

Responsibilities / / Oakland, CA

How to become a caregiver in, and what are the responsibilities?

  • Provide care and companionship for children, seniors, and pets in Oakland, CA
  • Work with clients to create a customized care plan that meets their needs
  • Share information on what you do with the client and their loved ones using the platform
  • Use the platform to communicate with clients (texting) and families (calling)
  • Prepare meals according to an individualized diet plan

Requirements / / Oakland, CA

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Providing valid legal name, permanent address in Oakland, CA, birth date, and Social Security Number
  • Passing CareCheck, which contains screening and background checks.

Before your registration, please visit the Caregiver FAQ page and go through all the content in it.

Wages & Salary / / Oakland, CA

Hourly earnings for each job vertical on are different in Oakland, CA. For example, it cannot be expected that the hourly wages of child care and elderly care will be the same. Average hourly earnings for childcare in the USA range from 12 USD per hour, tutoring around 15 USD, elderly care around 14 USD, and housekeeping and pet care around 13 USD. On the average of all these, hourly earnings are likely to be between 12-15 USD.

Working Hours / Care (Caregiver) / Oakland, CA

Considering you’re the boss in this, we don’t need to remind you that the working hours and days are entirely up to you, right? You can directly share your availability status and the days and hours you want to work with the family that wants to receive service from you. The only thing you need to remember is that the more flexible you are to the time period in which the family you will serve wants to receive service from you, the more your earnings will increase and the stronger your profile will be.

  • Estimated Income
    • ..-$20 per hour
  • Gender
    • Female
    • Male
  • Essentials
    • Workpermit in the U.S.
    • Clean criminal record
    • Smartphone
    • Bank account
    • Valid address
    • ID Card
    • Valid phone number
    • Apartment
    • House
    • Flat
    • Necessary Certification
    • Social Security number (U.S.)
  • Industry
    • Cleaning
    • Housesitting
  • Experience
    • -
  • Qualification
    • -