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Learn how you can earn on/through the Uber platform


Uber is a platform for drivers and delivery people. Uber drivers and delivery people are users of Uber (the Uber platform, Uber app). Remember, those who drive and/or deliver with Uber are engaged in their own independent businesses which are driving or delivering.

Uber is looking for independent contractors in Boston, MA. Independent contractors at Uber have complete flexibility in determining when, where, and how much they drive.

Description / Uber / Boston, MA

Uber is one of the best platforms globally that connect riders/passengers to the nearest driver with just a tap. As a driver with Uber, you can commit your time as much or as little as you want and make your own schedule. You can accept requests to pick up passengers and transport them to their desired destination in Boston, MA.

How to sign up with Uber as a driver? First of all, you have to download the Uber app on your mobile phone. (Click the links to download the apps on iOS or/and Android). If you already have an Uber account, just log in, and if you don’t have one create one. While creating your account, please be sure you are giving the correct information. During the background check, the information you shared will be checked. After confirming your account, you will undergo a background check, ID verification, and vehicle registration. You don’t need to worry about that stuff. It will be finalized if you focus and spend a couple of hours. That’s pretty much all.

After completing all the steps, you will be ready to go!

uber driver in Boston, MA

Requirements & Qualifications / Uber / Boston, MA

There are several requirements and qualifications that you need to fulfill to become an independent Uber driver in Boston, MA on the Uber platform.

  • Meeting the minimum age to drive in Boston, MA
  • Having a valid US driver’s license
  • Having at least one year of licensed driving experience in the United States. If you are under 25 years old, it is three years.
  • Being eligible to use a 4 doors vehicle.
  • Having proof of the insurance of the car.
  • Completing the screening and background check online successfully
  • Proofing the residency in the US.

Learn how you can earn on/through the Uber platform

Independent drivers on the Uber platform earn per driving based on the distance, among other variables in Boston, MA. Meanwhile, driver earnings will be calculated for each drive on fair base, surge, and other types of earnings. You should remember that time and traffic jams can affect your income in Boston, MA.

Let’s also share how Surge works. There are times when many passengers want to use Uber at the same time, and there is a shortage of vehicles at these times in Boston, MA. For example, the demand increases tremendously during rainy weather, rush times, or special events such as after football matches, basketball games, or concerts. In such cases, ride costs, and how much you can earn per ride, increase automatically. Riders may prefer to book the journey from the high price offered on the platform or wait a little longer for a cheaper price. Please visit the How the Surge Works page if you want to get more information.

Total income: Base fair + trip supplements + promotions (if available) ( + tips )

Schedule / Uber Driver / Boston, MA

As an independent contractor, you can control your own schedule and work when it works for you. Drive with Uber and earn money anytime it works for you in Boston, MA. Driving is an easy way to earn extra, and it’s totally flexible around your schedule. You decide when and how much you drive. You just have to choose the days and hours that work best for you.

Disclosure: “When you click on a link to Uber on this site and sign up to drive, this can result in this site earning a commission.”

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